Sunday, May 8, 2022


 I had a wonderful time at Celebration!--the bi-annual 5 day quilting retreat/function  in western Virginia. I wrote a bit about this a few weeks ago, find that post HERE.

Held at the Skelton 4-H Center in Wirtz, VA--a beautiful, hilly place, in the Blue Ridge Mountains:

A tribute to the Armed Forces: 

The view of Smith Mountain Lake, WAY down below: 

On the mountain, you need a water tower: 
All the many buildings in the complex:

Not sure you can tell how hilly this place is. Photo is taken from half way up to the dining facility down to my classroom: 

In the mid-1980's I was a "baby quilter" and a member of a small guild, the Virginia Star Quilters of Fredericksburg, VA AND the Virginia Consortium of Quilters, VCQ. As a statewide guild, VCQ met 3 times a year for a sew-day, at different locations around the state. I attended several of those gatherings and learned so much from all the workshops I took.

In 1988 I attended the first Celebration!, a 5 day event full of classes and fun. It was a breath of fresh air for this young mother of two active boys. Then I moved to Alabama. In 1990 I flew back for the second Celebration! and rekindled friendships.

Life comes full circle and now I returned again--as part of the Faculty. I wondered if there would be any people there I knew all those long years ago. And there was! I got a photo with Susan Fulton. When she came to talk to me at "Meet the Teachers" she said "I wondered if you would be "our Barbara Black".  Yes, I am. I didn't get a photo with Marti Moon, but shared several meals with her: 

Susan and I 

I had great students who worked hard during class and got a lot accomplished:

5 Easy Pieces

Kisses + Hugs
Student work after lunch in Kisses + Hugs: 

I went ga-ga over these beautiful Daiwabo fabrics Susan had--she got them at an Estate sale for a great price. I am very eager to see her finished quilt: 

In 5 Easy Pieces we explored a variety of ways to make Flying Geese:

I made a great new friend--Betty had beautiful fabrics and is a delightful person 

Gloria is a hoot, she loves life and quilting and speaks her mind

John kept his  head down and worked diligently on his blocks--love his fabrics! 

This quilt is a replica of an antique top I bought at a yard sale, dated circa 1875. I laid it on the floor so any students who wanted to could take photos. It rarely leaves home:

There were two great lectures in the evenings. First, Suzi Parron talked about the Barn Quilt Trails around the country--she has written two books about them. Her classes were full both days: 

The next night Patty Murphy gave a trunk show of her beautiful patterns and quilts. Here is some student work:

First, make the background

Next, add the orange peels

The pattern is Aether and I was so taken with it I came home and ordered it. This is Patty's photo:

One other photo to share is this Memory Quilt on display when VCQ gathers. Every red leaf has the name of a VCQ member who has passed away. I knew several of those women, who encouraged me as a young quilter. They are an important part of my joyful journey:

It was a good trip, even with the long day of travel home--arriving at my home airport at midnight.  Traveling to teach quilting is still something I want to do, for a few more years. 

Let's quilt.



  1. How nice to reconnect with friends and "enablers"! Haha! Glad you had such a good time.

  2. Thank you for posting your VCQ Celebration photos! I promise I will share a photo of my Kisses+ Hugs quilt made with Japanese Daiwabo and Yoko Saito taupe fabrics as soon as I finish it : ) Thank you for teaching such a fabulous class at VCQ Celebration 2022!