Sunday, May 29, 2022

Just a Few Tidbits AND Going to Texas!

 What I have been up to lately:

The other day I taught a class I call "Your Next Quilt". It uses a book by Alex Anderson titled  "Make Your First Quilt with Alex Anderson". I intend it for beginners who have a little knowledge and are ready to spread their wings a bit.

My finished shop sample on the classroom wall. It is made from 16 identical 12" blocks that can be arranged at least 13 different ways: 

58" square

To practice the technique again before class I made another sample, with 6"blocks and no geese in the border. It  also uses fewer fabrics which I highly recommend as it is much easier to understand this process if you only use 5 fabrics for the blocks, as the instructions are written:

30" square

The three students were not true beginners but each enjoyed learning tips to improve their skills in the 3 things we can do wrong in piecing a quilt: the Cutting, the Sewing and/or the P ressing. Here are their blocks:




Next, I made a small "wristlet" cell phone purse because we are going to a minor league baseball game with the Rocket City Trash Pandas and they don't allow any purses. I could carry a one gallon ziploc plastic bag OR a wristlet no larger than 6.5" x 4.5". I have a great small purse I use for traveling that is just a couple inches or so larger than that in both dimensions. My DIL told me they measure and she had to return hers to the car. SO, I made this and hope it passes muster, even though it's slightly large;

I added a small pocket on the back to hold a credit card and  my ID: 

It also can't have a strap so I will shove the strap down into the front with the phone to get in the park. I added a lobster claw hook so it can be attached to my belt loop if I can't use the strap. 

I looked at dozens of free patterns for cell phone purses on Pinterest and used a variety of methods to get this made. You can see my Pinterest feed by clicking on the button over there on the right. My saves are under Mug Rugs/ATC's/etc.

I understand the need for security but this really seems a bit overboard to me. A couple extra inches and my lovely purse with secure zipper closures would be fine and I still could not use it to sneak in outside food or beverages. Oh, well, the weather is perfect for a ball game with all my kiddos, including the grands, and there is a big Fireworks show afterwards.

Looking ahead to 2023, I am reaching out to my Texas quilter friends. The plan is for me to teach for the Tall Pines Quilt Guild in Huntsville, TEXAS, February 6-7, 2023. I  would like to piggyback on a few additional visits and there are SO MANY guilds/shops in Texas that this should be possible. If you are anywhere in Central Texas, from Houston to San Antonio, I would love it if you let your local folks know this is in the planning stages. This could be a two week trip if there is interest.

With airfare being the biggest cost now, having several guilds split the total airfare equally will save everyone money. I can fly into Houston and out of another airport, like Austin.  San Antonio, Brenham, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, College Station, Dallas--or anywhere in those general areas--if you have contacts I would so appreciate it if you let them know this is possible. My Lectures and Workshops are all listed right up there on the tabs at the top of the blog. 

I have taught for the Victoria guild a couple times and two guilds in Houston, as well as all over this great country. Texas quilters are mighty fine people and I am eager to get back among y'all again!

Let's quilt.



  1. Barbara, this is local, at the VBC. A couple of weeks ago I got put through a separate security line because I had an eyeglass case.

    1. Wow. It worked out, my new cell phone “purse” made it through OK. The security woman wanted to know where I got it.

  2. "Your Next Quilt" is a great design that creates so many options while just using basic shapes.
    Really clever "purse", Barbara!