Sunday, May 15, 2022

Student Work on Garden Party Down Under

 I am teaching a year-long local class on Garden Party Down Under, the free block of the month pattern for Star Members of The Quilt Show--find  Information Here.

We meet every other month for 2 hours of Show and Tell, and Lecture/Demo. I look forward to seeing their work and having a deadline can be helpful for keeping up. Life intervenes and we get behind, but seeing everyone's work is very inspiring.

Take a look. It's not too late to start--all the patterns remain available until December 31, 2022.

Claudia found a way to use the black fabric with birds from the kit and her month 1 and 2 center is beautiful:

Sally is using some wool and lots of embroidery and her fabrics are stunning:

Cyndi is using her great fabrics for a great quilt: 

Julie has a lovely palette and incorporated Sunflowers in her design:

Sandra has wonderful fabrics and she came up with a clever solution for the center square of the pieced block--she did one Dresden and decided that was enough: 

Phyllis has two pieced blocks done, one has a 3-dimensional flower in the center, the other has 9 pieced blocks: 

Beverly is making progress on the big center block after working hard to finish her Color My World, the 2021 BOM. The small flowers are pinned to the vase so they don't get lost--they go on stems/background later:

Mary-Louise is wowing us all with her use of men's silk ties on a black background:

Leila is doing her stitching with the back basting method for needle turn hand applique and is very successful. She explained how to do that to the class. If you are not familiar with this technique, this helps explain the process: Back Basting Applique

Last, but certainly not least, Victoria is making special additions to her block--love the bird! 

She has also discovered a love for English Paper Piecing--great Dresdens!

These women are wonderful people who I truly enjoy spending time with. We had two who couldn't make it this month--I hope to see them in July.

I am happy to see them all "bloom" as their stitching skills become second nature.

Let's quilt.



  1. Thank you for sharing these photos with us. What a delight!

  2. Just found more of my husband’s ties.
    Now I know what to do with them!

  3. These are all gorgeous creations. I enjoy seeing all the ways the quilters are personalizing their own version.