Sunday, May 1, 2022

GPDU -- MONTH 5 Two Applique Blocks

 Garden Party Down Under is the Block of the Month quilt for The Quilt Show. The patterns are FREE all of 2022 for STAR Members.  Well worth being a Star Member, if just for these patterns.

This month we make TWO Applique Blocks. And when those are done you can sew BOTH the top and bottom rows to the center of the quilt, seeing progress!  BOTH of these blocks are RECTANGLES--they finish at 13" W x 12" H, so you will trim them to 13.5" x 12.5" after the applique is done.

My Month 5 Block 6

My Month 5 Block 7

There is a VIDEO showing a variety of tips and suggestions for making these blocks. Be sure to watch the video before you start these blocks. 


The petals for Flower E are fairly close together, leaving little fabric to turn to the back, either for needle turn or prepared turned edge applique, hand or machine. 

There is no reason you can't narrow the pattern a little, providing more fabric for turning. The tool in this photo shows where I could have redrawn the pattern--it's too late once the Print & Piece Fuse Lite is fused to the fabric: 

We don't need to worry about the "cleavage" areas, where there is really NO fabric to turn under, as that area will be covered by single or double circles:

The vase has a small LID on the top of it. The STEMS go under the LID. Remember to check the pattern carefully before you begin--leaves # 1,2, 3, and 4 get placed before the stems that cover the bottom edge of each of those leaves. Then small stems, then longer stems, and then the vase and lid can be added. Flowers can go on before or after the vase, whichever you prefer:


This Vase has HANDLES--they are stitched before the vase is added. If tracing the pattern onto a fusible product, be sure to to create  Left and Right handles--mirror images of each other. 

I printed only pages 9 and 12 onto Print & Piece Fuse Lite (PNPFL). That was enough to give me most of the pieces needed. To cut the additional pieces, I layered more PNPFL, cutting more than one shape at a time. The VIDEO shows this clearly:

Page 12 provides all the ovals

Page 9 provides most of the leaves/flowers, a few extra pieces stapled in place make it easy to cut those pieces out 

All the pieces ready for fabric selection

I love using a "Window Template" to audition fabrics for the Vase. My friend, Amanda, reminded me of this method and it sure helps. I just trace the vase shape on newsprint and cut it out. Here are a few fabrics I am playing with for the vase: 

I remove some of the PNPFL from the vase before fusing it to the fabric--I don't need all that fusible on the back of the vase. The handles were cut from two layers of PNPFL, having the fusible sides facing each other to create mirror image handles. I used a staple to hold the two layers together as I cut them out:

This block has some 1/8" stems and some 1/4" stems. The small stems are placed first, then the wider stems. Remember to add the handles to the background before stitching the vase in place. The leaves, flowers, and ovals can be added before or after the vase, your choice.

Remember to trim to 13.5" W x 12.5" H. 

My recent Blocks 6 and 7, from Kit fabrics:

Block 6

Block 7
UPDATE: I decided the Block 7 vase above was not to my liking and needed to be replaced. Here is the alternative vase--I like it MUCH better. I should have listened to my little voice before I completed the block the first time: 

My new Block 7 

Irene's Block 6

Irene's Block 7

Now you can create the top and bottom rows, using the blocks from Months 3, 4 and 5. The CENTER of your quilt after Month 2 should be 38.5" square, including seam allowances. The top and bottom rows will also be 38.5" wide x 12.5" high. Check seam allowances if yours are not the same size. 

Once the top and bottom rows are added, the quilt should be 38 5" W x 62.5" H. Quilts have a tendency to "grow" as parts get added, usually because of seam allowances. If there is no more than 1/2" difference in yours, I wouldn't worry too much:

You should feel quite accomplished after Month 5, with the center of your quilt growing. Please post your photos on the Forum and use the hashtag  #gardenparty2022bom on your social media posts.

It's not a race, so don't worry if  you are not this far along. I recommend you start each month so you know what the issues are for that month, then return to unfinished blocks as you have time. Eventually, it will get done, if you work on it when you have time. 

Next month we will make ONE applique block and introduce the other pieced block, the Shoo Fly. You may choose to put the Dresden Plate in the center of the pieced block, or make the quilt your own with alternate ideas. More on that next month.

Let's quilt.



  1. So colorful and cheerful. Those blocks are really nice.

  2. I'm liking it more now that I see what participants have done. Thank you Barbara for your guidance.